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DC Electric Tools

<p>DC Electric Tools

Ansomat is an important supplier of solutions for the industrial assembly market. We deliver innovative, reliable products, e.g. industrial power tools and wrenches, and systems to our customers ensuring the quality of the products they bring on the market. System advantages:

  • DC tool modularity allows customized solutions to fit your process, with the benefits of standardization thus minimizing the complexity of set up and repair.
  • Networking solutions designed to integrate with plant floor control systems for process control and data collection.
  • Advanced control strategies specialized, patented algorithms such as Stanley patented ATC allow for increased control of the fastening process.
  • Error proofing intelligent systems ensure the process is completed correctly, every time.

There are 3 types of standard electric power tools available from 0.2 up to 20,000 Nm

  • pistol grip
  • in-line
  • angle nutrunners

Our range of industrial power tools is available in several options as standard, crowfoot, tube nut, Hold & Drive.

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